During the session my client and I usually talk. I never pressure my clients to tell me something they don't want to. Sometimes I would ask a client to do some simple exercise or use his body to demonstrate what is going on with him. I often share my feelings and my response to what the client is saying or experiencing. I never give advice. I can only share my observations, talk about my personal experience and, if the client wants it, I can help him change what he feels need to be changed.
How much does it cost?
The price of a personal consultation is 48EUR per hour. The price of a Skype consultation for people who live outside Ekaterinburg or can't attend the meeting personally is 48EUR per hour.
How long is it?
Usually a personal consultation lasts for 1 hour (60 minutes). However sometimes a client needs more time to open up so the duration of the session can be increased up to 1,5 - 2 hours.
How many times will we meet?
Depending on the client's needs and requests we choose how we are going to work.
Short-term therapy usually takes from 1-2 sessions up to 10. The meetings don't have to be on the regular basis, rather on demand. This style is suitable for some basic issues, like solving a situational problem or the need to hear a professional opinion on some question.
Medium-term therapy implies having 10-30 regular meetings. This style allows working on some specific issues that do not need any deep work, for example, improving relationship with someone, ending a particular relationship, work with a specific conflict or with a particular symptom etc.
Long-term therapy takes 1-3 years or more and the meetings must be regular. This allows us to work with basic personality structures and existential topics. During long-term therapy it is possible to work on deep problems and topics (trauma therapy, personal growth, change of relationship patterns etc).
How often will we meet?
The amount of sessions per week is determined by the client's demand and how much time and money he is willing to spend. Usually it is best to meet once every week. Sometimes if the problem is critical, if the situation is very traumatic or intensive or if the client doesn't have much time, we can meet 2 times a week. If the the client needs just a supporting therapy or the long-term therapy is coming to an end then 1-2 times a week or even once a month is usually enough.
Where will we meet?
In Ekaterinburg I invite my clients to my office on 4 Chebysheva str. It is a cosy space equipped with everything we might need. Also I do Skype consultations.
My clients' feedback
Psychotherapy is awesome but painful (not always though:)). I believe the most important thing is not only you being ready to work and put in your time, money and effort, but your psychotherapist being able to be with you right here right now and supporting you no matter what. Evgenia can do that and she does that) And I always know that this contact exists (even when I am not being in it).
Evgenia has been saving me. Without her I would not have survived. On every session she manages to find the words that help me move on. I have never had more difficult time in my life, but I am holding on. And every day it gets better and better. And despite being used to living in despair and frustration, having reached the age of forty I am starting to believe that my life can change.
Evgenia is a true professional and a very sensitive person. It is easy for me to tell her anything and after each session I go home with answers and understanding. I don't get a feeling that I am being analysed or "treated" (in the bad sence of the word).
Psychotherapy has become a kind of fitness for my mind - it keeps my head in shape) Life has become much easier. Not even that… It is a different quality of life) No self-chastising, no guilt. I learnt how to feel down, angry or sad instead of shutting out from myself and my own feelings!
During my therapy I was able to find main reasons of my problems and determine ways of their solution. I can already see the result and I was able to change my attitude towards many things that hinder me from being happy. I appreciate Evgenia's approach to working with me - I get some quite pleasant and structured information about features of my personality, she provides it in such a way that enables me to apply this knowledge in real life and get closer to starting enjoying life.
I came to Evgenia in a very bad state - problems started to pile up in all areas of my life. After a few months in therapy the quality of my life started to improve. Evgenia managed to create a safe space where I feel comfortable but continuously work on myself. I am not afraid to share the most intimate things with her and her support gives me strength to live and move forward.
A decision to start personal therapy was one of the most difficult decisions in my life. My therapy reminds me of walking up the mountain through the jungle) It is hard and sometimes really painful. And I understand that there is a long way ahead of me)) But also I understand that there is progress!) It brings me great joy and inspires me to move on) I am so thankful to Evgenia for her impeccable professionalism, understanding and support.
I came to Evgenia during a very tense and desperate period of my life - troubles at work, no personal life, no strength to live. Despite all that we first focused on my personal life and solved some other problems related to work, family and, most importantly, self realisation and appreciation along the way. It's been a year and I still remember and use some of the tools Evgenia has given me and I feel in peace with myself.
I was in my thirties and I had no family, no job, no hobbies, no real estate, nothing. Unawareness, misunderstanding and no confidence all connected together in one heavy chain that was becoming more and more heavy and stable and that resulted into depression. So I ended up in Evgenia's office. I started feeling the change right away. And most importantly, I found myself. I understood who I was, what I wanted and what I needed.
Evgenia helped me believe in myself after a serious commotion. Her work was professional but delicate, during sessions I would always feel calm and sense the atmosphere of trust. Evgenia never gives me advice, rather she makes me pay attention to some important things, gives me tools to help me feel what is better for me, more useful and more effective. It has been many months of hard work but now I can truly say that I am living a happy life.
Before coming to Evgenia I had never visited a psychotherapist, I didn't even know how to choose one. I started therapy during a period of time when I could do nothing but grunt work, I felt nothing and I wanted nothing. After 5 months of our sessions I feel alive again, I can feel, I can be truly happy and truly sad, I do sports, I easily get up in the mornings and I don't feel like I want to die every second of my life.
Evgenia, you've helped me realize and see another perspective on some life events that had been torturing me. You've given me working (!) tools of working on myself and they are still helping me))). Especially in stress situations. I was unable to deal with the situation for four years and you managed to solve everything in just a few sessions.
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